Radium Engineering Dual Catch Cans & Air Oil Separator

Radium Engineering Dual Catch Cans & Air Oil Seperator?


Radium Engineering has released a Dual Catch Can system and Air Oil Separator (AOS) for Subaru owners who want to keep sludge out of their intake and intercooler, and improve performance and emissions through cleaner intake air. Radium's Dual Catch Cans for 2002-'14 Subaru WRX, WRX STi and 2002-'08 Forester XT are designed for high-performance street and light track Subarus, and its Air Oil Separator kit is designed for high horsepower Subarus that see extended track duty.
A simple fact of the modern internal combustion engine is that piston rings do not seal 100%. The vented gases caused by this contain oil vapor (blow by) that can coat the intake tract of the engine with oil and unburned fuel. Subaru engines are notorious for blow by, especially when modified, making Radium's Dual Catch Can or AOS system crucial for optimum engine performance (learn more about the advantages of catch cans here).




Radium's Dual Catch Can kits for Subaru include two 8 oz. machined 6061 billet aluminum cans, laser-cut powdercoated mounting brackets, all hoses, fittings, clamps and stainless steel hardware. Because the Dual Catch Cans mount next to the intercooler near the turbo Radium includes a laser-cut, powdercoated modular heat shield.

Unlike many catch cans on the market, Radium Engineering's catch cans feature an integrated oil separator that accelerates oil condensation, cleaning PCV gases and reducing oil build-up on the inside of the intake tract and intake manifold. The stainless steel filtration media used to separate the oil is cleanable and re useable. 

Radium's catch cans use a closed-loop design that does not vent to atmosphere, making them emissions and track legal. They connect to the valve cover crankcase vent and PCV valve. This design routes clean, filtered air back into the engine, allowing it to be burned and promote negative crankcase pressure for optimal performance. This design also prevents unwanted oil vapors from entering into the vehicle's cabin.

All Radium catch cans are media blasted, anodized and laser engraved. They feature two-piece construction with a removable bottom that can be unscrewed and easily drained. All ports are O-ring sealed.

Optional Petcock Drain Kit 

Radium's Petcock Drain Kit (sold separately) allows for quick and easy drainage of its catch can kits. These drain kits include an anodized -4AN ORB barbed fitting, ¼” barb mini ball valve and 6 feet of 1/4″ PCV hose.



Radium's Air Oil Separator (AOS) is designed for high output Subarus that see an increase in oil circulating through the valve cover crankcase ventilation system. The AOS works like a catch can system, but instead of collecting blow by in separate canisters both crankcase ventilation hoses are fed into the AOS, where oil is collected and ultimately returned to the oil pan. For maximum ventilation, the PCV valve is removed and the system is disconnected from the intake manifold.
A specially designed bottom plate with a baffled, -10 AN return port allows oil to return to the pan while acting as a heater to prevent water from condensing inside the pan. Coolant lines feed the heater, which features an innovative fin design to increase the effective heating surface area. The AOS end plate also includes a bottom trench in the event any water does make it into the canister. The side port can be used to vent to atmosphere or be connected to the turbo inlet pipe for creating a closed system.
Radium's AOS system for Subarus includes an AOS tank, specially designed mounting bracket, all necessary SAE 30R7 PCV/emissions and heater hoses, complete aluminum fittings and hose ends, air filter breather with fitting and stainless steel hardware.




Effectively raises the octane and increases engine performance through cleaner inlet air 
Prevents oil buildup in the intake or intercooler system walls, throttle body, intake manifold, etc. 
Lowers hydrocarbon emissions 


Part Number        Year                        Make                      Model
20-0208-02           2002-2007            Subaru                   Impreza WRX*
20-0208-02           2004-2007            Subaru                   Impreza WRX STi*
20-0208-02           2004-2008            Subaru                   Forester XT*
20-0208-08           2008-2014            Subaru                   Impreza WRX
20-0208-08           2008-2014            Subaru                   Impreza WRX STi
*For 02-05 Subarus with a cable-actuated throttle body, the Cruise Control Relocation Bracket  PN 13-0110 must be used (sold separately).               


Part Number        Year                        Make                      Model
20-0207-02           2002-2007            Subaru                   WRX*
20-0207-02           2004-2007            Subaru                   WRX STi*
20-0207-02           2004-2008            Subaru                   Forester XT*
20-0207-08           2008-2014            Subaru                   WRX
20-0207-08           2008-2014            Subaru                   WRX STi
*For 02-05 Subarus with a cable-actuated throttle body, the Cruise Control Relocation Bracket  PN 13-0110 must be used (sold separately).               


For more information, email info@radiumauto.com or visit the company's dealer finder at www.radiumauto.com.
Radium Engineering is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company designs and manufactures innovative universal performance solutions including fuel surge tanks, catch cans and fuel pressure regulators, and application specific performance solutions ranging from fuel delivery to turbo systems. Radium-End Fuel Starvation.


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