Radium Engineering “FST-R” Fuel Surge Tank With Integrated Fuel Pressure Regulator

Radium Engineering “FST-R” Fuel surge tank with integrated fuel pressure regulator


Radium Engineering is proud to announce a groundbreaking new fuel surge tank that simplifies installation, eliminates potential leaks, and reduces system overall cost. 



A Fuel Surge Tank is an effective tool for preventing fuel starvation due to fuel slosh, and also makes for an easy way to upgrade the fuel pump flow capacity without modifying the stock fuel tank. Radium Engineering is the leader in fuel surge tank technology and is proud to announce a new addition to their comprehensive fuel surge tank line.



The FST-R (Fuel Surge Tank – Regulated) is an all new design that houses a single internal fuel pump and has an integrated fuel pressure regulator machined into the top cap of the surge tank. The high-flow regulator is adjustable and features interchangeable orifice sizes. This revolutionary idea eliminates the need for an external fuel pressure regulator and all the extra fittings and hose associated with it. This simplifies the installation, reduces overall cost, and eliminates potential leak points in the fuel system.



Like all Radium fuel surge tanks, this universal product can be used on any fuel injected application and is compatible with all fuel types.



The FST-R can be configured with a selection of different fuel pumps from most popular manufacturers including Walbro, AEM, Aeromotive and Deatschwerks.

Radium Engineering products, including the FST-R, are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.



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