Radium Engineering New Product Announcement: Catch Can Kits for FR-S / BRZ / 86

Radium Engineering New Product Announcement: Catch Can Kits for FR-S / BRZ / 86


Radium Engineering is proud to announce a new addition to their application specific product offerings. A comprehensive catch can system is now available for all 2013+ FR-S/BRZ/86 variants. The kit places the catch cans in strategic locations in the engine bay and is compatible with RHD, LHD and all aftermarket forced induction kits. 

Even unmodified stock engines can benefit from a high quality oil catch can system. Blow-by gasses from the combustion process mix with sludge-building oil and water vapor. This mix is normally re-introduced into the engine air intake stream via the PCV valve and the crank case vent port. Radium oil catch cans filter out the nasty stuff and collect it before the gasses are reintroduced into the intake manifold and intake system, leading to cleaner combustion, reduced oil build up in the intake manifold, and longer engine life



Radium is offering the FR-S/BRZ catch can kit in two parts. A dedicated kit for the PCV valve side of the system, and a separate kit for the crank case vent line. These two kits operate independently and can be purchased separately or together.



The crank case vent catch can system operates off the crank case breather port and cleans the PCV gasses before re-introducing them into the intake stream. This kit is most effective under full throttle when a large amount of combustion blow-by gasses are entering the crank case and exiting through the crank case vent hose.



The PCV catch can system connects to the PCV valve and cleans the gasses before re-introducing them back into the intake manifold. This kit is most effective when under light throttle or cruising, when the PCV valve is open.

Both systems are closed systems that recirculate 100% of the PCV gasses and are therefore emissions legal. 



Each kit includes CAD designed aluminum mounting brackets that use existing holes in the engine bay as well as all necessary hoses, fittings, and fasteners. Comprehensive installation instructions are provided as well. No drilling or permanent modifications to the vehicle are required.

Radium Engineering products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty.



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