Radium Fuel Surge Tank Kit For The BMW E46

Radium Fuel Surge Tank Kit For The BMW E46 


Radium Engineering is proud to release a newly developed Fuel Surge Tank installation kit for all BMW E46 models (excluding convertible). Fuel starvation due to fuel slosh has long been an issue when performance driving the E46 BMW. This kit now gives owners a way to eliminate fuel starvation in a comprehensive and cleanly designed package. Furthermore, it is an easy way to upgrade the fuel pump without the need to open the factory fuel tank.



The kit allows easy integration of a Radium Fuel Surge Tank into the vehicle without the need to fabricate custom brackets or hoses. A sturdy aluminum bracket mounts the surge tank in the trunk space of the vehicle in a safe location and uses high quality PTFE Teflon lined hoses to connect with the factory fuel system.



Wiring is handled with a plug and play harness that includes a built-in fuse and relay to power the pump inside the surge tank. A Step by step instruction manual with photos guides the install process which can be completed in roughly 4 hours.



The kit uses the highest quality materials and components to ensure a trouble free installation and function. All components are E85 fuel resistant. 

A variety of Radium Engineering surge tanks with internal pumps can be selected for use in this kit, these are: 

-Single pump Walbro 255 surge tank

-Single pump Walbro 400/E85 surge tank

-Single pump AEM (E85 or standard version pump) surge tank

-Single pump Deatschwerks DW300 surge tank

-Single pump Aeromotive Stealth surge tank

-Kit part number: 20-0074


This kit is not compatible with any Bosch pump equipped Radium Engineering fuel surge tanks or surge tanks equipped with more than one internal pump.


This product is available for immediate shipment. To order, visit http://www.radiumauto.com and login to your account.


For technical questions please contact info@radiumauto.com

For sales questions please contact sales@radiumauto.com 



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