Radium Releases Port Injection Kit for the Ford EcoBoost Engines

EcoBoost power is no longer limited by the direct injection system!


Radium Engineering has released a port fuel injection kit for the Ford Focus ST, Focus RS and Mustang 4-cylinder EcoBoost engines. This kit supplements the direction injection system, allowing more fuel to be fed to the engine and more power to be created.




Radium’s Port Injection Kit (PIK) is comprised of two main components, the spacer plate and the fuel rail. Each of these components is CNC machined from aluminum and anodized for an attractive finish that resists E85.

The 25mm thick spacer plate is precisely designed to not interrupt the air flow as it transitions from the intake manifold runners to the intake ports. The passages in the spacer plate (shown in green) are carefully machined to port match the intake port and the intake manifold, eliminating any air flow disruptions. A ‘knife-edged” port divider is also machined into the spacer plate, improving on the blunt divider machined in the cylinder head.



The spacer plate features fuel injector ports that are strategically located and angled to ensure the best fuel delivery into the intake ports.

The other critical component of the PIK is the fuel rail. Radium Engineering specializes in fuel rail design and created this custom one specifically for this application. Like other Radium fuel rails, this one features a large internal bore and is threaded at each end for -8AN ORB. Phenolic mounting spacers provide insulation from heat conduction. The fuel rail is compatible with common “34mm” aftermarket injectors with 14mm upper and lower O-rings.



The PIK installs next to the valve cover as shown and does not disrupt the surrounding components.



The port injection kit includes all the hardware and pieces shown above. The green brackets are used to relocate the mounting brackets for the plastic engine cover, allowing it to be reused.
Injectors, plumbing and fittings sold separately.

MSRP: $379.95


Part NumberYear             Make                      Model
20-0326 2013+ Ford   Focus ST EcoBoost
20-0326 2015+ Ford  Mustang EcoBoost 4-cyl
20-0326 2016+ Ford  Focus RS EcoBoost


For more information, email info@radiumauto.com or visit the company’s dealer finder at www.radiumauto.com.

Radium Engineering is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company designs and manufactures innovative universal performance solutions including fuel surge tanks, catch cans and fuel pressure regulators, and application specific performance solutions ranging from fuel delivery to turbo systems. Radium-End Fuel Starvation.


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