Radium Releases Spare Tire Fuel Cell Mounting Brackets!

Radium Releases Spare Tire Fuel Cell Mounting Brackets!

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Earlier this year Radium Engineering added a spare tire fuel cell to their lineup of competition fuel cells. This 11 gallon circular cell is perfect for vehicles that have a spare tire recess in the trunk of the car.  This is a great choice for users converting a street car for competition use.  But mounting and securing the cell was still left up to the installer’s creativity.

Radium Engineering has now released a universal Spare Tire Fuel Cell Mounting Kit. With these brackets and a compatible vehicle, fuel cell installation becomes a quick and easy bolt-in job. To check if your vehicle is compatible, use the dimensions provided in the link here.


Whats in the Kit:

The two brackets are formed from aluminum and powder coated. They have threaded rivet nuts installed in them for easy install and removal of the fuel cell. Also included is all the necessary mounting hardware.

Part Number and MSRP:

P/N: 20-0431   $249.95 MSRP


*Different height mounting brackets may be released in the future.*



About Radium Engineering:

Radium Engineering is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company designs and manufactures innovative universal performance solutions including fuel surge tanks, catch cans and fuel pressure regulators, and application specific performance solutions ranging from fuel delivery to turbo systems. Radium-End Fuel Starvation.


    1. No one makes a 15 gallon spare tire well fuel cell, there is not enough room. There are a few 10-12 gallon ones made.

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