Radium’s EVO X Fuel Drop-In Fuel Pump Hanger

Radium Engineering's drop-in replacement Fuel Pump Hanger for the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X is the perfect fuel delivery upgrade for high horsepower applications that use the factory fuel tank but require additional fuel delivery from high-flow aftermarket fuel pumps.



True Drop-In Installation with Full OEM Feature Functionality

Radium's EVO X fuel pump hanger is a complete assembly that includes a collector box. It accommodates one or two aftermarket fuel pumps and mounts in the factory fuel tank using the OEM hold-down flange. It eases the installation of aftermarket AN fuel hose plumbing by including a single -8AN male pump feed port for ultimate flow and a -6AN male return port for low restriction. Wiring is simplified with the inclusion of an electrical bulkhead connector for fuel pump power, the OEM fuel level sender, and OEM temperature sensor.



Comprehensive Fuel Pump Collector Box Design

To help prevent fuel starvation, Radium Engineering's two-piece anodized aluminum collector box sits at the bottom of the OEM fuel tank to improve fuel supply around the pump inlet(s). The collector box includes two 1″ ball check valves on the front and rear of the box that serve as trap doors to keep the pump(s) supplied with fuel during aggressive driving. To ensure the collector box stays full of fuel, all returning fuel from the pressure regulator return and the crossover hose enter the collector box. The OEM fuel level and fuel temperature sensors mount to the collector box and two mating connectors for the sensors are included with the system.



One or Two Pumps and Wiring

The EVO X Fuel Pump Hanger kit is available with or without fuel pumps included, and they can be pre-assembled with one or two pumps prior to shipment. While single pump applications can reuse the OEM fuel pump controller wiring, it is recommended to upgrade the OEM wiring as high flow fuel pumps draw additional current that requires thicker gauge wire. Radium offers a Fuel Pump Wiring Kit (PN 17-0031) to easily upgrade the OEM fuel pump wiring.



Unique Venturi Jet Pump Design Ensures Fuel Flow Transfer

When fuel pump flow is increased, the OEM jet pump becomes too restrictive and creates unwanted backpressure in the fuel pressure regulator return line, which causes excessive fuel rail pressure. To eliminate this issue, Radium developed its own unique venturi jet pump to ensure proper transfer from the passive side of the OEM fuel tank to the active side where the fuel pump(s) reside, without increasing system back pressure. Radium's venturi jet pump includes interchangeable orifices to match a wide variety of fuel pump flow rates.



Get Maximum Flow with Optional Plumbing Kits

Two optional plumbing kits are available for single- and dual-pump configurations.

 Radium's EVO X Fuel Hanger Feed Kits include all necessary components for connecting directly to an aftermarket fuel rail with a -8AN male fitting (both single and dual pump configurations). This Fuel Hanger Feed Kit features Radium Engineering's fuel filter connected to -8AN PTFE hoses. The filter mounts underneath the vehicle using a bolt-on bracket that is specifically designed for the EVO X. Users can choose between three different fuel filter elements to best suit their filtration and flow requirements (more on filtration elements here).

The Radium Fuel Return Kit (PN 20-0249) allows the OEM EVO X fuel feed line to be used as the return line and replace the restrictive 1/4″(6.5mm) OEM return hose. All of the necessary hose, fittings, and hardware is included and two SAE quick-connect fittings provide a simple, leak-free connection to each end of the OEM feed line.
For added installation ease, the supplied -6AN PTFE return hose in the Fuel Hanger Return Kit will attach directly to a Radium Direct Mount Regulator (DMR) if mounted in the top port of a Radium EVO X Fuel Rail (PN 20-0112).

  • True drop-in system accommodates OEM fuel level and temp sensor
  • Available with one or two high performance fuel pumps
  • Collector box with check valves included
  • -8AN male outlet fitting
  • Low restriction fuel return with Fluorosilicone duckbill return valve
  • Unique venturi jet pump design with multiple orifices
  • Anodized aluminum construction with stainless-steel hardware and clamps
  • Submersible-rated rubber fuel hose for reliability
  • Laser etched top plate
  • Plug and play plumbing kits available (sold separately)
  • Fuel pump wiring upgrade kits available (sold separately)

Radium Engineering EVO X Fuel Pump Hanger Part Numbers:
Mitsubishi EVO X Fuel Pump Hanger PNs:
20-0241-00 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Pumps Not Included, Walbro GSS342 or AEM 50-1000/1200
20-0242-00 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Pumps Not Included, Walbro F90000262 Gas
20-0243-00 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Pumps Not Included, Walbro F90000267/274 E85
20-0244-00 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Pumps Not Included, AEM 50-1200 E85
20-0241-11 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Single Pump Included, Walbro GSS342
20-0242-01 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Single Pump Included, Walbro F90000262 Gas
20-0243-01 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Single Pump Included, Walbro F90000274 E85
20-0244-01 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Single Pump Included, AEM 50-1200 E85
20-0241-21 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Single Pump Included, AEM 50-1000 Gas
20-0241-12 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Dual Pumps Included, Walbro GSS342
20-0242-02 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Dual Pumps Included, Walbro F90000262 Gas
20-0243-02 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Dual Pumps Included, Walbro F90000274 E85
20-0244-02 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Dual Pumps Included, AEM 50-1200 E85
20-0241-22 EVO X Fuel Hanger, Dual Pumps Included, AEM 50-1000 Gas
Mitsubishi EVO X Fuel Pump Hanger Feed PNs:
20-0246-01 EVO X Fuel Hanger Feed, Cellulose Filter
20-0246-02 EVO X Fuel Hanger Feed, Microglass Filter
20-0246-03 EVO X Fuel Hanger Feed, Stainless Steel Filter
Mitsubishi EVO X Fuel Pump Hanger Return PN:
20-0249 EVO X Fuel Hanger Return
Fuel Pump Hanger Wiring Upgrade Kit:
17-0031 DIY Wiring Kit, Single Pump (Order 2 for dual pump)

For more information, email info@radiumauto.com or visit the company's dealer finder at www.radiumauto.com.
Radium Engineering is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company designs and manufactures innovative universal performance solutions including fuel surge tanks, catch cans and fuel pressure regulators, and application specific performance solutions ranging from fuel delivery to turbo systems. Radium-End Fuel Starvation.

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