Radium’s Mitsubishi EVO X High Performance Fuel Delivery System Supports Over 1,000HP

Radium's Mitsubishi EVO X High Performance Fuel Delivery System Supports Over 1,000HP


Radium Engineering has released the most comprehensive high performance fuel delivery system available for the 4B11T-equipped Mitsubishi EVO X. It includes a Fuel Pump Hanger that accommodates one or two fuel pumps, a high-flow Fuel Feed Line Kit, an In-Line Fuel Filter, EVO X Fuel Rail, Direct Mount Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (DMR), Fuel Pulse Damper (FPD-R) and Fuel Pressure Gauge. All hoses and fittings are included for an easy bolt-in installation.

All Radium EVO X Fuel Delivery System components are alcohol fuel compatible and are capable of providing fuel flow for engines over 1,000 horsepower! This complete system requires no cutting, drilling or welding and includes detailed installation instructions and necessary hardware for easy installation. Because target horsepower levels will vary, injectors are not included.


Fuel Delivery System Contents


EVO X Fuel Pump Hanger



The heart of the EVO X fuel system is Radium's EVO X Fuel Pump Hanger, which is a complete drop-in assembly that includes a collector box. It accommodates one or two aftermarket fuel pumps and mounts in the factory fuel tank using the OEM hold-down flange. It eases the installation of aftermarket AN fuel hose plumbing by including a single -8AN male pump feed port for ultimate flow and a -6AN male return port and high-flow venturi jet pump for low restriction. Wiring is simplified with the inclusion of fully sealed conductive stainless studs for fuel pump power, the OEM fuel level sender, and OEM temperature sensor.

Radium's unique venturi jet pump ensures proper transfer from the passive side of the OEM fuel tank to the active side where the fuel pump(s) reside without increasing system back pressure, and includes interchangeable orifices to match a wide variety of fuel pump flow rates.

The collector box sits at the bottom of the OEM tank and ensures the pumps have plenty of fuel thanks to two 1″ ball check valves that serve as trap doors during aggressive driving. Fuel returning from the pressure regulator also feed the collector box and venturi jet pump.


Feed Line Kit & Fuel In-Line Fuel Filter



Pre-fabricated -8AN PTFE feed line hoses deliver fuel from the Fuel Pump Hanger through a Radium In-Line Fuel Filter to eliminate contaminants. The large filter element maximizes flow without sacrificing filtration.

The filter mounts to the EVO X chassis using a specially designed bracket that fastens to pre-existing holes in the vehicle. Multiple fuel filter types are available including cellulose paper, microglass or stainless steel mesh (please visit our site for more information on the filtration media).


EVO X Fuel Rail



From the In-Line Fuel Filter, a -8AN feed line connects to Radium's EVOX Fuel Rail. The rail is CNC machined from billet aluminum, features a large 0.69″ (17.5mm) bore and installs onto the factory intake manifold mounting bosses using the included hardware. All necessary adapter fittings and a fuel pressure gauge are included.


Direct Mount Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator



Mounted on the fuel rail is Radium's Direct Mount Regulator (DMR). The compact design of the Radium DMR requires only 2.5″ of clearance space at the end of a fuel rail, simplifying the plumbing and eliminating the need for external mounting and additional fuel lines.

The Radium DMR has a 1:1 vacuum reference for boosted vehicles and its high flow design is tested to regulate over 1,400 liters per hour of fuel flow. Interchangeable return orifices allow it to be used with practically any fuel pump flow rate. The included fuel pressure regulator return uses a short -6AN prefabricated PTFE hose and adapter fittings (return kit) to connect to the factory fuel feed line, converting it to the return line.


Fuel Pulse Damper


Also mounted to the fuel rail is a Radium FPD-R Fuel Pulse Damper. Hydraulic pulses from the fuel pump and the opening and closing of injectors can create undesirable noise and possible interference with injector flow. This is commonly experienced as mysterious lean spots and stumbling during acceleration or erratic idle that is difficult to correct through EMS tuning. High performance vehicles running high fuel pressures, high flow injectors and boosted applications can be especially susceptible to these pulses and the related consequences.

Radium Engineering designed the first aftermarket vacuum-referenced fuel pulse dampers to ensure proper fuel pulse damping at elevated fuel pressures. This new FPD design maintains full damping function (pulse absorption) throughout the range of pressures seen in the fuel system by utilizing a vacuum reference to equalize pressure on both sides of the damper diaphragm.


Radium EVO X Fuel Delivery System Key Features:

  • Complete fuel delivery system from fuel tank to fuel rail
  • Supports applications to over 1,000 horsepower
  • No cutting or drilling required for installation
  • Alcohol fuel compatible (ethanol and methanol fuels)
  • Components feature billet aluminum construction, anodizing and laser engraving



  • Fuel Pump Hanger (user-selected pump configuration)
  • In-Line Fuel Filter (user selectable filter elements)
  • Large-bore billet fuel rail
  • Direct Mount Regulator (green or black, user selectable)
  • Fuel Pulse Damper
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge and adapter fitting for rail
  • Feed Line, return line and all necessary adapter fittings



About Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company designs and manufactures innovative universal performance solutions including fuel surge tanks, catch cans and fuel pressure regulators, and application specific performance solutions ranging from fuel delivery to turbo systems. Radium-End Fuel Starvation.



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