Rally America Title Fight – LSPR 2013


We hustled over to parc exposé, which is where all the cars assemble before the day’s racing.  It gives spectators a chance to see the cars up close, chat up their favorite driver, or grab some cool rally swag.  I managed to grab a few cow bells from the Subaru team, but was disappointed that rallying hasn’t adopted the vuvuzela as their official noise maker of choice yet.  Maybe I'll bring my own next time.

Higgins and Block showed up to the party fashionably late, and the swarms of drooling fans quickly descended upon them.  I was hoping I could at least get a high five, but I opted not to slither through the mass of mouth breathers that surrounded them. 

Ken’s wife Lucy has taken to rally racing as well, and I’ve gotta say that few people could pull off that livery as well as she does.  The whole “robot tyrannosaurus shooting lasers with a rainbow streaming unicorn fending off a flying saucer in a space lightning storm” is a tough look to work with.

Block was seeded first as the racing kicked off on Friday, and it was obvious he was pushing his little Ford to the limit.  He could taste his first championship title and was doing everything he could to nab it.

To the same degree, David Higgins was not eager to relinquish his title as champ and was doing everything he could to close the gap with Block.

Brendan Reeves and his Fiesta R2 showed great pace all weekend, managing to clinch the 2WD championship, although ACP was very close on his heels with his Scion xD.

Apparently someone thinks that rally fans could use a bit of help with dating.  Enough help that it seemed like a good idea to compile all the online dating sites into a single database and stick it on the side of a rallycar!

Picking where to stand as a spectator is very important.  Avoiding the outside of the corners is good advice not only because that is where the cars are most likely to go off, but also because rally cars will throw dirt in your face.  Although I’m glad it made for some interesting photos, I’m more glad that I didn’t get hit by the softball sized rocks and dirt clods that were being tossed up!

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