Redline Time Attack Season Finale at Auto Club Speedway


No matter what side of the fence you are on, no one can deny the successes that lie at the core of Time Attack, the record breaking lap times that teams continue to produce. The teams in Redline have displayed even more ingenuity, dedication, and passion for the sport of Time Attack than ever before.  Through the soap opera like journey of the 2010 Redline Time Attack one fact remains clear:  the teams will continue to design and build cars with the singular purpose of running faster lap times which is at the heart of Time Attack.


 Miss Redline Spokes model contest Zee Reid Watson
Does this look like the face of a man who is going to slow down in Redline Time Attack?  I think not. 



Enthusiast FWD: Chris Billedo

Enthusiast RWD: Paul Dentice, AE Performance

Enthusiast AWD: Roger Hocking

Street Tire FWD: Clint Boisdeau, ABF Motoring

Street Tire RWD: Mike Bonanni, Berk Technology

Street Tire AWD: Cameron Benner, COBB Motorsports

Modified FWD: Tetsu Fukui, Inline 4

Modified RWD: Carl Rydquist, City Tire

Modified AWD: Brian Lock, COBB Motorsports

Drift: Kyle Mohan, Spider Energy Drink, MazdaTrix, Nexen Tire

Super Modified FWD: Dez Ballard, ABF Motoring

Super Modified RWD: Andrie Hartanto, N1 Racing

Super Modified AWD: Jeff Westphal, GST Motorsports



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