Revenge of the Nerds, At Least Someone’s Listening!



Toyota/Scion was listening!  Thank you!  The FR-S has the DNA of the AE86 in a modern package with all the right goods.

What we want is a good blank canvas. Don’t try to make what you think we want. We want a small, lightweight, normal good looking 4 cylinder front engine rear drive coupe with an optional fastback hatch with fold down rear seats, a modern AE86 or S13 Silvia if you will. Look to existing good looking cars for inspiration instead of your artsy fartsy design departments. Make the base model sell for $18,000 and have an optional turbo model sell for $24,000. You will sell a ton of them, especially in today’s expensive gas economy.

scion fr-s
The Scion FR-S is a good looking car free of styling gimmicks, much like how the AE86 and the Nissan S chassis are.  They will still look good a generation from now.  Other OEM's, look, this is what a normal good looking car is all about!
Make us a small lightweight, normal good looking 4 cylinder FWD car, not cartoonish, misproportioned goofy looking B Segments like the Fit, Varis or Versa which might as well be named the Rectum. Look at the Acura Integra, Honda EG and EK Civic models for inspiration in styling and proportion. Make it in coupe, hatch with folding rear seats and 4-door variants. Offer SOHC base, NA variable cam timing high revving DOHC and turbo optional engines. Sell them for $17,000 to $24,000.
scion fr-s
Even the back is well proportioned.
Leave out lavish interiors, fancy sound systems; add on body kits and glass moonroofs. We will do those ourselves. Have strong six speed manual trannys and LSD diffs as options. Give us multilink suspensions with good geometry.
Fortunately it looks like at least Toyota listened. The new upcoming Scion FR-S is just what the doctor ordered and from our initial looks, it looks like everything is right with the car, it looks right, the size is right, the weight is right and the price is right. We could only wish for an optional turbo version. The FR-S looks to be the modern version of the AE86! One down, now give us a good looking sporty Varis along our guidelines! I think the FR-S is going to give our scene a much needed shot in the arm and is the sunny spot in a sea of dull.
Scion FR-S
The Scion FR-S is just a little bigger than a Mazda MX-5.  This is the right size.
Listen hard manufacturers, do more like this and you might sell some cars in this market. At 5 dollars a gallon gas, compact car performance will be back. Make us a good compact car again we will beat a path to your showroom doors. Honda and Nissan listen, you used to know how to do it right, look back to your roots!
Or maybe some Chinese company will read my rant and make knock offs of your old cars. Heck I’d buy one of those!

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