Revspeed Super Battle Time Attack 2010 – Tsukuba JapanI

Since the Sierra Sierra EVO didn't make it over to Revspeed's time attack last weekend at Tsukuba Circuit, I didn't either (I was stuck on the engine dyno anyway). I had to live vicariously through Ian's Hi-Octane Australia blog post and it inspired me to create this entry. For this reason, I give him complete credit for the images and videos I am “borrowing” below!

For some reason, some of the other quick AWD cars like the CyberEVO and Tomei/Cusco Impreza STi didn't make it either. That didn't stop the excitement however. The Garage Revolution FD came out full force in complete Hankook livery to rock a 53.6 second lap around the little Tsukuba circuit.

Yasushi Kikuchi drove the Garage Revolution FD to an ultra fast 53.6 second lap time. That's mighty close to the HKS EVO's record time of 53.589. I cannot seem to find the CyberEVO's Tsukuba time anywhere, but I'm pretty sure this FD is faster. You may remember Kikuchi piloting the Swift Springs S15 several years back at time attacks in the USA.

Rotaries are the bomb. If you don't like turbo rotaries, you're just in denial.

As some of you know, one of my favorite cars of all time is the BNR32 GT-R. Tarzan Yamada is also a good friend of mine's. Put the two together and you'll always get something special. RB26 power, nitrous, a Hollinger sequential transmission, plus Tarzan make this a potent combination. The Street Special Garage Yawata BNR32 GT-R was good enough for a 57.0 at Tsukuba.

Also present at the Revspeed Super Battle was my old friend Ross Wilson who runs the Japanese AVO Turboworld office. Ross and his team built their Impreza four years ago and have slowly developed it to where it is today. Considering that it isn't a full time effort time attack car, it was pretty damn fast having run a 58.29 second lap with Hisaharu Yoshida behind the wheel. The AVO turbo, intercooler, and other hardware plus Cosworth EJ25 engine all work together to make this car haul serious ass.

Here's the AVO Impreza with tire warmers on it. It only makes sense to use these in Japan's December. I'm pretty sure Paul took this picture (thanks Paul).

This is the AVO Impreza in a early practice session. They had transmission issues after day 1, but had it fixed for the next morning.

Exciting stuff if you're in to the global time attack happenings. There are talks of the Garage Revolution FD and the AVO Impreza showing up to 2011's World Time Attack in Sydney. I've even heard from somewhere that HKS might be bringing the EVO out of retirement?! Hopefully the CyberEVO and Sierra Sierra EVO will make it too for 2011. All of these fast cars in one place would make one hell of an event. Stay tuned or check on the Advan World Time Attack's website for updates.

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