Ride Along In The EXR LV02 of EXR Racing Series – On Board Eps.12

Ride Along In The EXR LV02 of EXR Racing Series – On Board Eps.12

by GTChannel

From the founders of the Exotics Racing supercar experience comes a brand new take on motorsport. It's racing — made easy. The arrive-and-drive EXR Racing Series takes care of all the details so racers can focus on driving.

The new series offers great competition without any of the hassle of having to invest in a car, hire a crew, or buy expensive gear. It is a turn-key, professional-level experience. “We're handling everything so you can just show up and drive,” said Romain Thievin, a European champion driver and series co-founder. “We want to make sure all you're worrying about at the track is your own performance behind the wheel.”

Racing is slated to start November 3 in Las Vegas, followed by dates on the West Coast. The series culminates in an exciting, five-day Las Vegas Superfinals event December 1-5, where racers from a range of competition backgrounds will battle it out for a $100,000 prize.

Professional driver Thievin and David Perisset, an investment banker who enjoys amateur competition, decided to create the series after they realized there wasn't anywhere they could easily race together.

The EXR Racing Series provides everything: the brand new EXR LV02, purpose-built tracks, excellent trackside facilities, personalized coaching and skilled technicians are all supplied. The series is overseen by former IndyCar team owner Eric Bachelart, with professional drivers Alex Premat as team manager and Tristan Vautier as sporting manager.

The EXR LV02 is a rear-wheel drive machine that is as easy and fun to drive as it is rewarding – for novices and pros alike. Front engine and rear-wheel drive, the car is a proven performer in Europe's MitJet Series. It features a sedan-style body over a tube-frame chassis, a six-speed sequential transmission with paddle shift, and an enviable power-to-weight ratio.

It is expected that the new series will attract a wide range of entrants including gentlemen racers, up-and-coming go-kart competitors, and professional drivers looking for a new challenge. Sprint races start at $4,990 and endurance races start at $9,990.

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