Road Trip: New Zealand


Gratuitous shots of “other” transportation

Abseiling glow worm caves
Probably the coolest form of “other” transportation in NZ was abseiling 30m down to the famous glow worm caves outside Waitomo, New Zealand.  This tour was Green Glow, highly recommended if you want some adventure and cool photography.


Abseiling glow worm caves
No, I'm not stuck in the 80's.  These “trendy” striped leggings and funky getup were provided by the tour operator so your “good” clothes don't end up drenched and muddy.  And of course, you end up looking ridiculous in every photo, always good for a memory.


Rope swing Abel Tasman
A rope swing generally isn't the fastest way to travel from point A to point B but it will make you feel like an 11 year old again.


Suspension bridge Abel TasmanReal tree!
Much cooler than the suspension bridge at Knotts Berry Farm!  At first glance, I thought this was an antenna or cell phone tower made to resemble a tree.  This is really the Norfolk Island Pine, known for its lego-like stature.

New Zealand is a country that can satisfy any car junkies' cravings.  The list of famous New Zealand drivers and tuners runs long- Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme, Greg Murphy, Rhys Millen, and Possum Bourne.  And you can't forget “The World's Fastest Indian,” Burt Munro, from Invercargill NZ, who set the under 1000cc streamlined fuel speed record (183.586mph) at Bonneville in 1967; a record that still stands today.  New Zealand's circuitous mountain roads beg to be carved.  Its open tarmac teases your speedometer.  There's an ingrained car-centric culture, complete with drivers who can handle twisties and autos whose steering wheels we would love to wrap our leather gripped racing gloves on.  I'll traverse the globe looking for more driving adventure but will definitely return to New Zealand.

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