Ruby’s Classic Car Show – Redondo Beach


Oh, and here’s a pre-production Hyundai Veloster for good measure.  It’s apparently going to be available around the end of August or beginning of September.


It’s launching first with a 1.6L direct injection gasoline engine.  One thing I found interesting were what appear to be grounding straps going to the shock towers.  They need to hurry up with the turbo version!

A few other cars that were in attendance: a Tesla roadster, Caterham 7, Shelby Cobra 427, and some other boring things.  I tell ya, living in LA can make you a car snob.  A Ferrari 430 just doesn’t do anything for me anymore as it’s too plain and common.  A 1932 Franklin with an air cooled V12 is much cooler.  A Ferrari 458 is still pretty sweet though.

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