RX-8 Daily Driver: Tune-Up!


I like inspecting all parts to be sure that this most crucial component of any car is functioning properly. Clean up the caliper pins with a wire wheel if necessary and then a liberal coating with synthetic lube. Ensure that it slides easily and good to go.
A light coating of anti-sieze on the brake saddle slots, the brake pad backing plates, and the hub ensures that the next time the car needs to be worked on that everything will easily come apart.
I've got air tools, but for most work the rechargable hand tools are more than sufficient. Coupled with a breaker bar, rachet, and torque wrench and all basic maintenance is covered. On the right, a couple of bathroom fans for my condo renovation project – nothing to do with MotoIQ.
I also find that an assortment of open ended wrenches is valuable. My expensive set of open ended wrenches is a Canadian brand called Maximum – and they're pretty good. Yet not nearly as expensive as what some of you have in your shop. However, for removing the caliper on my RX-8 the 17mm open end won't work as it is slightly too wide. That's when I pull out an old, inexpensive 11/16″ wrench that (right side in the photo) is narrower by just a fraction and does fit. This old cheap wrench means I don't have to grind down my good set.
To close off here are a couple more photos captured by Richard Wintle of the RX-8 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. This photo is taken through the foliage heading up Andretti Straight. Photo: Richard Wintle
What better way to end than at the finish line at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Photo: Richard Wintle

Well, my RX-8 is good to go. And yes, I do drive it year round as it is my daily driver. Sure, it is a sports car but that just adds to the enjoyment of my daily drive. It is not an exotic and, if you go shopping for one, you will find that the price is likely lower than most other similar sports cars. So why not think about picking one up and enjoy a good price and a great car.




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  1. I adores the rotary engines, I love the high revs and the chassis designed by mazda.
    the rx8 has always been a great sports car. Balanced and not over powered, and it has real usable back seats.

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