Saving (Lots) of Weight with a Pegasus Racing Ballistic Battery


The chemistry of this battery is much less toxic and is more environmentally friendly both in disposal and production than LiCoO4. LiFePO4 batteries are also much safer. In the case of a severe accident that ruptures the the battery case, LiFePO4 will not explode like LiCoO4 can. LiFePO4 does not catch fire easily and is much less likely to burn like LiCoO4 will due to mishandling or exposure to fire.

LiFePO4 chemistry has a slightly lower power density than LiCoO4 but we feel it's other advantages more than make up for this making batteries that are more suitable for motorsports by being more durable, lighter and safer.


Here is the tie down strap that secures the battery in place.  It has a dimple die hole for the charging port.  One disadvantage of the LiFePO4 battery is that you need a special charger to charge it without damage.  However is is offset by the fact that you wont probably ever need to charge this battery due to a super low self discharge rate!

One last advantage of the Pegasus battery and we mean its a large one, is its really slow rate of self discharge.  Your typical racing battery looses 10% of its charge every month from just sitting, even with your battery kill switch off.  The Pegasus battery only looses 10% of it's charge in a year, meaning you probably don't need a special storage charger for it.  You can store your car all winter and still have it varoom to life when the season starts!

With the ability to quickly charge and its huge amount of avalible cranking amps, the Pegasus Ballistic battery has the ability to reliably replace much bigger batteries and renders the traditional sealed gel cell motorsports battery instantly obsolete.  In the near future we will be testing more of these batteries in a variety of race and street cars and will be reporting on how they perform in the field. 

We installed the battery and it spun the huge 8 liter LSX hard and fast, in fact it spun it harder than the old deep cycle marine battery that used to power the car.  With everything in the car running, the huge fans and cool suit, there were no problems with voltage drop at all.  In fact the voltage was more steady than before according to our data logger.

The Pegasus Ballistic battery was a cheap and easy way to lose 37.5 lbs!  We could not be more pleased with it.



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