SEMA 2008 Day 1


I have spent the last month or so prepping the Red Dragon with Tyler, Keith, Lew, and the new Eric. Since Ark Design’s engineer had a delay from Japan, they hit me up to help them prep their EVO X also. XS Engineering was getting the Ark 350z ready as well with the Top Secret Widebody, but due to some body shop mishaps and general crap that happens during full builds, the car wasn’t able to make it. In a way, I was a bit relieved since I’m sure I probably would have had to help on the 350z as well.Ben at Bespoke (check out the R35s he got to play with!) totally set XS up and got them the Top Secret kit on schedule, but shit happens. Ark had to reconfigure their booth for one car only. The car will be better since XS can take their time on it now anyway. I guaranfuckingty the XS built 350z will have more powerband than man has known to exist out of any other VQ in existence after I’m done with it.


Today was the first day at SEMA 2008. I am tired and my feet are sore, but I’m glad all the last minute prep crap is totally over. The Red Dragon is sitting in the D-Sport booth and I got to check out Ms. Kentucky. This year’s SEMA is the R35 GTR show. There are so many R35s, you would think the entire tuning industry is banking on the success of the R35. Does the tuning industry think the R35 purchaser will treat it like an EVO or STi? It sure seems like it with the wide selection of shit quality carbon, non FIA approved made in China seats, and more crap. I think I was in the bathroom when they were passing the bong around because I can’t see how a 2500 car production car can bring a ton of money into a hurting industry. Only the few successful people who use quality parts will suceed with the R35: Mine’s, Cobb, Bulletproof, etc.


There were many of the big booths missing this year: Michelin, BFGoodrich, Holley, HKS, and Greddy to name a few. What did SEMA replace them with? Cheap ass Chinese copy companies of course. I was a bit disappointed in that considering SEMA supports and sponsors product development education programs at local schools. Isn’t that a bit ironic? Look for a feature on this very soon. Who needs product develoment training and education when you a have plenty of Chinese companies moving in with fake and copied turbos, blow off valves, downpipes, etc.?


I didn’t get a chance to walk around much, but glancing around I thought the coolest shit at SEMA was at the Cosworth booth. I’m sure there was some cool hot rod and American V8 stuff, but I didn’t really pay attention to those parts. I’m talking Japanese car performance only.


The redesign of the Cosworth 4G63 EVO 4-9 crankshaft/stroker kit is the bomb. It is 4 pounds lighter than the old version, has a longer and deeper heat treat, and is now isotropic superfinished like many F1 engine components are. It’s “look” is made to match that of Cosworth racing engine crankshafts. In fact it looks like the Formula Atlantic crankshaft.


The Cosworth EJ257 intake manifold is here. It makes +15hp at 6500rpm, but horsepower is still increasing beyond 6500rpm. More results later, but the plenum volume is 200% that of the factory unit and the runners have a tuned length with a tapered runners. Just go ahead and forget everybody else’s plenums because this one’s the bomb. Of course the front mount intercooler kit and dry sump kit are just as leading edge too.


The new Cosworth by Pectel EC Pro ECU is here to dominate all other engine controllers. Pectel is a division of Pi Research which is a sister company of Cosworth. We are all owned by the ultimate super ballers, Mr. Kalkhoven and Mr. Forsythe. Anyhow, the EC Pro is a true motorsports grade ECU and it TRULY plugs and plays. I’m sure the DIY guys are asking: can I program it myself? The answer is probably yes, but they will have limited access and internal datalogging capability. Authorized Cosworth tuning shops will have full access. Trust me, it’s better this way. 90% of the DIY tuners have no business playing with the power the EC Pro has. It’s like giving a quad core PC to a kindergartner.


Cosworth by Pectel

Cosworth ECPro Features

2008+ Subaru STI

A higher performance solution for engine management is available from the Cosworth ECPro professional motorsport ECU. Engineered in conjunction with Pectel Control Systems for the 2008 and newer Subaru STI, the Cosworth ECPro features an OEM compatible harness connector and a full base calibration allowing you to go straight to the dyno without the workload of full ECU and vehicle configuration.


Designed for full OEM harness and system integration:Plug and Perform. Base calibration supplied to run engine. Ready to dyno tune for your engine specifications. No need for replacement of OEM wiring harness or sensors. Makes use of OEM dash and diff controller.


56Mhz processor: Higher performance timing accuracy and control

Ethernet comms: Fast data offload and high quality data viewing on PC

Internal logging memory pre configured: Logging essential channels at correct rates for performance analysis by your dealer

Internal logging for user: Additional logging for monitoring & development

Knock monitoring: OEM MIL lamp indication of Detonation levels (with user defined levels based on RPM and Boost)

Calibration select (e.g. Fuel save, Test, Race): Use of the OEM “SI Drive” switch for selection of 3 alternate

calibrations (calibration selectable for boost, fuelling, ignition, rev limit, ALS setting, VCAM target, Fly-By-Wire pedal mapping, and overrun fuelling cut-off individually selectable for Intelligent, Sports, and Sports-Sharp).

Pectel ALS (Anti lag system):OEM switch used for ALS mode select

Standard Motorsport design: Machined Aluminum case and professional motorsport specification electronics.

External wideband supported :Compatible with most popular brands

Internal wideband supported:WBL kit – Requires Cosworth by Pectel NTK sensor, requires 3 extra populations and 2 pin relocating

Thermocouple support :TC Kit – can be fitted for monitoring or control strategy e.g. exhaust over temp enrichment, auto ALS disable. Requires two blank pins on OEM harness populating.

Variable CAM : Pre-configured full quad camshaft support

External Comms support: Optional Motorsport dash

Designed for Racing – No OBDII Motorsport use


sema083.jpgThere’s Roland from Pi UK schooling the brain himself, Mike Kojima on the EC Pro software.


There’s other cool shit at the Cosworth booth, but I didn’t get the pics. I’ll take some more tomorrow.

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