SlipAngle Podcast /// Beau Brown talks Tuning and Tracking

Episode 258 – Beau Brown is in the studio talking to Austin and Mike about tuning and tracking.  Beau works as a full time engine tuner for a well known, boutique auto maker.  He’s also our type of guy – a track guy!  We talk about tracking, Beau’s DSM and E46, and how he got into tuning.  Special appearance by Mark Krumme from Eibach, while Rathyna Gomer rounds out the peanut gallery.

SlipAngle /// Episode 258 – Tuning and Tracking with Beau Brown


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Beau’s DSM.  Crazy thing, isn’t it?  Who wants to see more of this thing?

Beau’s E46 M3…In Laguna Seca Blue.  The best color.


  1. #FSAE

    Dear Mike,

    Better FSAE experience than no experience IMO. It would be an honor if you would critique the suspension geometry for my teams FSAE car. I completely agree that some of the competition participants are very non-receptive to put kindly, but I hope that those individuals haven’t closed you off to the most passionate motorsports fans that are aspiring to do exactly what you do. #MikeIsBoss #learningeveryday #experienceiskey.

    Best regards,

    An aspiring motorsports engineer| Dallas Formula Racing

  2. Hahaha, a few of those kids are unbelievably cocky. One used to troll this site. By the way he talked, you would think he was a renowned F1 principal engineer. He considered FSAE to be a premier world-class motorsport and he even said he had nothing more to learn! He even put down guys like William Au Yeung and James Houghton!

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