SlipAngle Podcast /// Costa Gialamas – Crew Chief Extraordinaire

Costa Gialamas has been behind the scenes of major racing efforts since the late 90s.  From Pikes Peak with Rod Millen in 1998, the only Baja 2000 held in the year 2000 (an extra long deser race to commemorate the year) to building, prepping, and competing with one of the first LS swapped drift cars, Costa has been part of some amazing programs.  Mike Kojima and Austin Cabot caught a rare free moment with Costa in the SlipAngle MotoIQ studios to chat about everything from his history as a crew chief, to builds and the tech involved in current drift programs (it will surprise you even if you aren’t a fan of drifting).  Costa sheds some light on himself – one of the driving forces behind the scenes that not many people are aware of.  You can read more about Costa here –

Costa Gialamas – SlipAngle Episode 245


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  1. Would love to hear both your thoughts regarding clutches, got mounting holes for both push and pull.
    Both types are available… Correct me if I’m wrong;
    Push, simlper and cheaper.
    Pull, higher clamp force with same pedal power, but harder to disassemble.

    Is that it? Any major advantage to either?

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