SlipAngle Podcast /// Old School Time Attack with JC Meynet

Austin and Mike sit down with JC Meynet to talk about time attack.  JC Has been building and running the same STi since the late 2000s.  Coming from a background in motorcycle racing, JC took to cars very quickly.   We hear about his journey to cars, how he supported his son’s AMA Supercross career as crew chief, truck driver, and pit crew, and how the lesson’s he’s learned from all his years racing various types of vehicles can be applied to anyone’s racing career.

Episode 248 – Old School Time Attack with JC Meynet

Cover Photo by Chris Sullivan



  1. Great episode as usual, but my god either people are moving toward and away from the mic as they’re talking or there’s something wrong with the audio. Everyone but Austin’s voice constantly goes from volume 2 to 10 and back to 2 again. Makes it really hard to listen to.

    1. I think it’s actually a software issue of some type. I tried to finish the podcast in the car on the way home and there’s bits near the end where there is COMPLETE silence, not even background noises, for almost 5 seconds, then suddenly the sound comes back in and the speaker has clearly been speaking through the silence.

  2. Thanks Mike/Austin for the luxury ride on your pleatherette casting couch. It has made all of my wildest dreams come true and life will never be the same again… <3

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