SlipAngle Podcast /// James Houghton at Super Lap Battle USA
James Houghton battles the clock, and Lyfe Motorsports in his Integra Type R at Super Lap Battle USA. The cover image is provided by Ian Rae.

Episode 243 – Racing is hard. SuperLapBattle USA was at COTA this weekend, and we catch up with Time Attacker James Houghton throughout the weekend to hear how things are going in his ultra-quick Integra Type R. As is the case for any racer, the event is full of ups and downs, and he’s got a whole new list of things to improve before the next one.

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  1. Hey James do you have a temp gauge on the gearbox? Just wondering if you have a metallurgic or Oil not up to temp problem or both. Got a guy here with a Nissan and he always breaks his gears if he doesn’t thoroughly warm everything.

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