Sneak Peek: Porsche’s New Turbo Engines



I found this picture at which gives a great look at the real engine.
Getting in closer, you can see VGT turbine side of the turbo and also the billet compressor wheel. Billet wheels are becoming common place as costs have come down and the OEMs are trying to eek out every fraction of performance they can get for those better fuel economy and power numbers. Of course, there’s a catalytic converter right at the turbine discharge for quick cat light-off reducing emissions. Of course, there’s heat insulation around the cat and exhaust too to keep heat out of the passenger compartment among other things.
This illustration shows an important detail on the VGT turbo; this turbo also has an internal wastegate. So this tells me the VGT was sized a bit on the small side to get the turbo to spool up as quickly as possible. Then for maximum power, as the VGT cannot open enough for high enough turbine flow, the wastegate opens.
There’s a single turbo but dual exhausts. How did they do that? The exhaust splits into two after it rounds the side of the engine after the catalytic converter. So the exhaust appears to be unequal length too which will probably create some unique sounds. Why did they do that? My guess is to make the car as quiet as possible while not sacrificing too much power. There is a valve on the exhaust to uncork the noise should the owner choose to do so. Photo also from
For everyone complaining about a turbo 4-cylinder in the cars, don’t forget Porsche won last year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans with a turbo 4-banger.

You know what’s really going to tick people off? It’s only a matter of time before the 911 is a hybrid. But again, Porsche won Le Mans with a turbo 4-banger paired to a hybrid system. Personally, I like turbos. A lot. So do tuners who can reflash the factory ECUs for a lot more torque and power. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens with the Porsche tuning market with all their cars going turbo.

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