Sneak Peek: Texas Dave’s Pikes Peak Evo 8


There’s not much to the interior. I have no clue what the foam pad on the steering wheel is for. Imaginary horn?

Texas Dave uses an AIM dash, AEM wideband, and Autometer boost gauge to keep tabs on things.

Texas Dave does have a relatively fancy 3-pedal setup with the pedals being bottom-hinged.

The Haltech ECU and fire suppression bottle are mounted on the passenger side floorboard. A handbrake is mounted next to the stock shifter. Nothing fancy here. Of course, the battery is mounted low and as close to the centerline of the car as possible to lower the center of gravity and balance the car’s weight distribution.

See, I told you the car was fueled by BBQ! I guess lasers are more powerful than phasers? Yeah, that makes sense because the phasers on Star Trek could be put on stun. I don’t think there’s a ‘stun’ setting for a laser. Tazers are for when weak sauce is required. Oh, up top are some water and oil lines and stuff running inside the cabin for protection. I think the black plastic thing is a water pump.

Bumper? Who needs a rear bumper on a Pikes Peak car?

Texas Dave is a cool dude with a sweet Pikes Peak/Rally/make-shift, why-not, Super Lap Battle time attack car. Besides doing the car racing stuff, he has the Rally Ready Driving School. On top of that, Texas Dave could get a job in Hollywood doing impersonations. He does a mean Aussie accent along with a better Chinese accent than I can do and I’m freakin Asian. It’ll be fun to see what Texas Dave and the car can do at Super Lap Battle!


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