Sneak Peek: The NEMO Racing EVO, Part 2


nemo evo braille battery

Braille Lithium-Ion battery was fitted. At only 5 lbs for a 14Ah battery, that makes this battery superior as far as weight to storage ratio. Sure it costs a bit more, but a in a car with this much carbon and Motec, you might as well run the best. For comparison's sake, an Odyssey PC680 weighs in at just under 15 lbs. and has 17Ah capacity.


nemo evo electronics

The gold pulley on the steering shaft is a cogged gear that drives that tiny cogged belt and slammer cogged pulley which drives the shaft of a small potentiometer. This gives the ADL3 dash logger steering angle. 

nemo evo electronics

Same arrangement here with a mini cogged belt, but this one gives the logger front to rear brake bias. The cable is a remote balance bar adjuster and is within reach of the driver's right arm.

nemo evo dash

The cockpit is all business of course. The switch panel is all within arm's reach (that's why the carbon dash is so long). 

nemo evo steering wheel

The OMP steering wheel is probably the most decked out steering wheel in Time Attack. Sure it's plain compared to an F1 steering wheel, but those guys race for way too many laps anyway. This is already more than you need for a balls out flyer lap. Notice the carbon paddle shifters just behind the buttons.

nemo evo paddle shifter

Here's a close up of the Geartronics paddle shifters. Let's see if NRG can copy these. 

nemo evo seat

A Velo carbon Kevlar seat and Schroth Racing harnesses keep the driver in place while he endures the good amount of lateral G's this car must produce. 

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