SOPA and what it means for you

SOPA yam

SOPA and What It Means for You



In case you haven’t seen what the #1 and #5 (english versions) most popular internet sites on the web are up to today; here’s a brief FAQ from Cnet on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and what it means for anyone that uses the internet.


Google SOPA
Google's petition to tell Congress to not censor the web
Look who's supporting and opposed to SOPA and draw your own conclusions. What companies do you align yourself with? In essence it seems Hollywood and the Music businesses are pissed about people stealing their stuff and hosting it on websites off-shore where they are powerless to stop it. Is this just an excuse to start censorship on the internet or a foot in the door for the U.S. government to start making more money through regulation? 
Wikipedia SOPA
Even not for profit Wikipedia is on the block SOPA bandwagon




Editors Notes:

Obama Says So Long SOPA for now. 

Reddit is Offline with more FAQ and ways to petition (till 8pm EST).




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