SPEC Clutches And Flywheels For The 2013 Ford Focus ST

SPEC Clutches and Flywheels for the 2013 Ford Focus ST


SPEC, Inc introduces a line of performance clutches and flywheels for the 2013 ford Focus ST. 



SPEC Focus ST clutch kits are available in 7 different single disc stages, supporting all power levels and drivability requirements up to 580 ft-lbs torque in a street unit and 820ft lbs for track environments where drivability is less of a concern.



The 9.5 lb billet lightweight flywheel is available in two versions. One ersion accommodates the stock clutch and stock type clutch upgrades. The second version allows the use of our non-ratcheting billet pressure plate, which, deviating from the original ratcheting design, provides a lighter rotating assembly, higher rpm capability and greater clamp load levels. 



Benefits of our non-ratcheting system include a more predictable actuation, exponentially higher torque capacity, noticeable power gains from off-idle to redline and maximized wear life. Using our non-ratcheting design also allows the use of a lower, lesser aggressive clutch stage over SPEC units designed for the original flywheel. The non-ratcheting units average a 120 ft lb advantage in capacity over the ‘stock’ patterned upgrades. ?

Consult a SPEC representative to determine which stage best benefits your modification level. 


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