Wheels and Tires for the Subaru GD WRX

The car has perfect fitment with zero rubbing. With the chassis and brakes rebuilt, it’s going to be time to move on to the engine and drivetrain soon!

We are running out of things to do on Ian’s WRX, we are going to have to stop procrastinating and crack that engine open.  Its always hard to take apart a running car but we need to redo that tired and leaky EJ and make Ian feel that us convincing him to add life to his old car instead of selling it and buying a newer car was the right decision!



Nitto Tire


    1. Hi Alex,

      I see those STi OEM BBS wheels swapped onto WRXs all the time. I just wanted something a little different than what I see all the time. (plus I get 1/2″ more wheel width should I want to run a wider tire later haha)

  1. I am interested in running the same wheel but can only seem to find them in 17×8 with an offset of 40mm instead of 48mm. Where or how did you source the set used? Thanks.

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