Spotlight: 3pConnect

Spotlight: 3pConnect


Some friends of ours are quietly revolutionizing how global importation and the distribution of automotive aftermarket products happen.

This company is called 3pConnect and is owned and operated by the same team that manages Turbosmart. With a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to effectively grow an Australian brand in the US market, owners Nic Cooper and Marty Staggs began developing plans to offer their services to other Australian brands.



“Just over three years ago, we began helping our very first partner (Whiteline) and it has been very successful. Using this model, we officially launched 3pConnect just over one year ago” says Marty.



3pConnect now successfully handles consulting, lead management, sales management, warehousing, logistics, data management, dedicated staffing, marketing services, product development, market research, and many other functions, for quite a few high quality aftermarket product manufacturers.



The goal of the 3pConnect has never been, and will never be that of a traditional warehouse distributor, but rather an extension of the manufacturers.  According to Marty – “This really is a new category of business that has been needed for a very long time, but difficult to identify and put together. We are our partners North American Operations facilities”.



3pConnect does not take on competing lines, which keeps the 3pConnect brands complementary, and allows manufacturers to benefit from other existing business relationships. Leveraging the relationships with major aftermarket performance distributors (for example) makes 3pConnect’s services invaluable to manufacturers in all corners of the automotive aftermarket.



3pConnect’s Australian office will soon be providing these same services to North American brands looking to expand into Australia. 3pConnect is also opening a new facility in the United Kingdom in late 2014, even further expanding their logistics, sales support, and consulting capabilities on a larger global level.



Manufacturers from both Australia and North America are looking forward to additional exposure in the European market.



Current 3pConnect brands include the highest quality Australian manufacturers—from lubricants and timing chains, to electric water pumps and exhaust systems. For more information on the brands that 3pConnect manages, or where to place an order contact Tiana Weber at 909-476-6068 or


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