Squirrel Power: Making a Minibear Part 2
MLM Expansion Chamber Exhaust for FA50
On the exhaust side, we are replacing our ghetto-fabbed exhaust with a beautiful hand-made exhaust from Motion Left Mopeds. This exhaust has actually been tuned for our FA50 engine and should give us a good bump in power by using resonance frequency to prevent the intake charge from blowing through the cylinder.
MLM FA50 Expansion Chamber Exhaust Detail
The muffler itself is tiny. The MLM exhaust is a side-bleed design, which means the exhaust is bled through the side of the expansion chamber instead of the end like our ghetto-fabbed exhaust. Dig how MLM welded in a tiny support bracket to support the muffler.
Malossi Clutch Spring Kit
Finally, to take advantage of all of this shiny new horsepower we want to make, we are going to tighten up the clutch with a set of Malossi clutch springs. They come in various stiffnesses to best complement the user’s power level. Technically these springs are for Derbi bikes but they fit the FA50 too.
FA50 Engine & Drivetrain
With all the parts and tools assembled, we’ll take a break here and in the next installment we will turn this massive pile of parts into a running engine, swap it in, and find out how our 40 year old Suzuki feels when it can keep up with traffic.  Stay tuned!






Motion Left Mopeds

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