SS Autochrome

SS Autochrome, XS Power, and Stone Mountain racing are all one and the same: the peddlers of crap. They did most of their jacking, peddling, robbing, or whatever you want to call it on eBay. It’s a good thing that eBay finally kicked them out. The spreading the disease and sickness of poorly copied tuning parts has finally ended on eBay. Maybe they are registered under another user or brand now, but the root of the disease is now gone. I almost lost respect for eBay. A forum member on pointed this out:

End of the Chinaman parts peddler

Can you believe they even recieved that much positive feedback? The problem is that people buy the crap copied parts and say, “I’ll install it next month.” And when they finally have a turbo break in half, an wastegate fall off, or a manifold crack in two, it’s too late to change your eBay feedback isn’t it? Don’t believe the hype people. This is a victory for the companies that make genuinely good products.

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