Stillway S2000 – FR Taught Here


J's racing s2000
GT Amuse kit, J's Racing hood, Signal Auto Taupe.

An HKS V-Pro has the variable valve timing electronic control (VTEC) do thy bidding (unnecessary 80's reference), while Defi gauges are used to oversee engine vitals.

Driveline upgrades include a Mugen diff, J's Racing axles, Exedy clutch and flywheel, with Sunoco snot for gear oil.

Stillway GT Wing. J's Racing Carbon Trunk.

One criticism of many Japanese tuners is the use of clevises in a pre-fab cage. I applaud Konishi and Seto's decision to go with Saito Cage of Saitama as their builder. Other chassis and suspension goods include a host of bars from Cusco, a Mugen hard bushing kit, and Aragosta coilovers with Eibach springs.

Stillway S2000, volk CE28N
Volk CE28N, Brembo 4-pot big rotor kit.

While I'm generally not a fan of wide body kits, when the intent of the GT Amuse kit is to allow for much wider wheels and tires to be fitted under the fenders, I'm all in. The AP1 currently wears 18”X9.5+15 CE28N with F:245/30/18 and R:265/30/18 Dunlops. Hiding behind the spokes are Brembo's 4-pot brake kit with Seidoya pads, a pad prevalent amongst JDM tuners. The rears have been up-sized via Stillway's own big rotor kit.

Other goodies include a Stillway wing, J's Racing hood and trunk.

Stillway s2000
Rear diffuser and GT Amuse kit, Stillway titanium custom exhaust.

Rear-Wheel-Drive sports-cars will always inspire the purists, especially if underpowered and light-weight. Regardless of what you drive, an FF cornering monster, or an AWD that gets out of a corner quick, you owe it to yourself to try driving a 4-Cylinder RWD car. It's a humbling experience. The car will be your mentor, your senpai, your Mr. Miyagi. For Ryusho Konishi owning this car and befriending its builder, Seto-san, it has been a life altering process.


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