Streetfire’s “Fastest Time Attack Car in the World” Video

John Naderi and the video crew spent a day with Sierra Sierra at the Redline Time Attack's season opener at Buttonwillow Raceway a couple weekends ago and took some video footage of the car, interviewed Emp and I, drank our sodas, ate our food, and asked 900 questions. After all that the video came out pretty damn good though. Nads and his posse sure know how to produce a video.

If I remember correctly, I met Nads at the NOPI show back in 2001 I think. I think it was Nads, Shaun Carlson, Stephan Papidakis, and myself representing the west coast on that trip. Somebody else was with us that trip but I just plain do not remember who it was. Maybe Steph wasn't there. Maybe it was Rob who used to work with Shaun. Damn, I cannot remember…my memory is shot. Anyhow, Nads is a natural on camera. He's actually way better than some of those fake “car chick” blondes on those Sunday morning cable TV car shows. Unfortunately he's not better looking.

The Fastest Time Attack Car in The World

Watching Emp dance on those pedals is pretty sick isn't it? He's gotta be thinking to himself, “Holy shit this is a lot of fucking work compared to the shit I'm used to!!!” There's one scene when he's on ALL three pedals. It should be noted that I officially suck at interviews BTW. That whole sandwich scene thing was Don from Sierra passing me my $5 foot long without realizing I was on camera.

For Nads' entertaining take on the Sierra Sierra EVO, click here.

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