Super Street Magazine Interview – March 07 Issue

One day after the November 2006 Time Attack, Carter Jung from Super Street calls me up and asks me if I want to do an interview. I said cool so he tells me it’s going to be a one page deal. After the interview, he and the other editors thought it was so damn funny that they decided to make it 3 pages. Then they ask me a couple more questions to fill the 3rd page. My answers are long and they think that my shit talking is so funny, it turns into 4 pages. I’m not actually shit talking; I’m just speaking the truth. Any of my personal friends will tell you its the same shit I would say in real life. Read it and enjoy! So go out and buy the MARCH 2007 SUPER STREET MAGAZINE available at your local 7-11, Barnes & Noble, Borders, supermarket, etc. I can’t scan the whole thing because as it is they might get pissed I scanned this much already.

super street cover.jpg

super street int1.jpg

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