Synapse Engineering – Synchronic Diverter Valve (DV)

Synapse Engineering - Synchronic Diverter Valves (DV)

Synchronic Diverter Valve (DV) – PRESS RELEASE

Product Description

Synchronic DV is a compact, zero-diaphragm, high-flow Diverter Valve actuating within 25 milliseconds. Push or pull orientation allows re-circulated or vent-to-atmosphere discharge. The body is near-net, investment cast, aerospace-grade Aluminium followed by CNC machining of all components including the forged 6061 actuator assembly. Mounting flanges are interchangeable for SB/DV series and users can bolt-on upgrade from an existing BOV/DV or weld for a new project. Boost/vacuum connections via 1/8th NPT bosses accept Boost Connect™ or nickel-plated-brass fittings. Units are tested to withstand 60 psi and positive-lock clamshell retainers secure mounting. Kits for VW/Audi 1.8T and Subaru available with all hardware.


Synapse Engineering - Synchronic Diverter Valves (DV)

Current Applications

DV001A.001 – Universal with no flanges (Good for upgrading from existing SB units)
DV001A.002 – For any 1G 2G DSM, Nissan R35 GTR, MazdaSpeed 3 and 6, 2008+ WRX
DV001A.003 – For European OE replacement that needs 1” hose end adapters
DV001A.004 – For Subaru TMIC vehicles (Not for 08+ WRX)
DV001A.005 – For Mitsubishi Evolution or any OE replacement that needs 1.25” hose end
DV001A.006 – Universal with Al weld-on flange and 1.25” hose end adapters

Key Features

Patented Synchronic actuator design (in both DV & SB)
Compact and light weight design for both street and race use
Standard 1/8th NPT brass fittings for air signal ports
Black anodized surface finish preserve the OE look and feel
Can be used in “push” or “pull” mode to suit driver’s preference
Secure mount feature with newly designed mounting ring clip
Direct bolt-on to all current SB line adapters & weld-on flanges

Part Number: DV001A
MSRP: $219.00 to $299.00

Manufactured by Synapse Engineering, Inc.
For more info contact +1 (858) 457-1700
or visit

Synapse Engineering - Synchronic Diverter Valves (DV)

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