Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Intro Part 2


We can situate the VQ35HR super low in the chassis because of dry sump oiling. Eric had the idea of integrating the dry sump oil pan engine mounts, Gary made the prototype, and Tyler designed it in CAD. A billet low profile drysump oil pan to both stiffen the bottom end and to minimize the height.  This will probably become something you can buy later.  The CG is going to be much lower than stock!
Another view that emphasizes how low and far back the engine now is.  The old GT-R handled sort of like a deluxe FWD racer but probably worse.  It got by on the grip of huge Hoosier R6 tires and lots of power.  The old XS Engineering car was like a sledgehammer.  Hopefully the reborn ARK Design GT-R will be a velvet hammer.
Gary and Tyler ponder how to get things to fit around the front diff. The G35X and R35 GT-Rs use the same differential unit (with different ratios) so there was no smaller one unfortunately.
The answer was to put a kink in the lower control arm tube.   This is also a cool view of the suspension from the side.  The stock R32 only has about 2.5 degrees of positive caster.  The new suspension can get as much as 11 degrees.  We will probably run something like 8-9 degrees.
Frontal view.  Look at the relation of the engine vs the frame rails to scale how low the engine is in the chassis!
Although it is heavier, a longer damper has advantages. If we mounted the shock to the upper control arm.  It would be stressed more and a much more beefy upper arm would have to be built.  This would weigh more.  With an outboard mount on the lower arm, the lower arm does not really need to be built any heavier.


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