Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 7


Our turbo system is looking pretty badass!
My hand is covering some secret parts of the EFR turbo that Borg Warner doesn't want you to find out about just yet.  A hint, it might make your turbo spool faster.  Pete is just starting on the rest of the turbo plumbing.
The wastegate placement we ended up using is pretty ideal for good boost control without boost creep.  The wastegate flow should be symmetrical and the route to the gates is nice and straight.  Since in our case up to 50% of the total engine flow could be wastegated, having good wastegate flow is important for performance, we believe this is an area where many builders don't pay enough attention.
To allow us to run a flat bottom, the exhaust is going to go through a tunnel in the car's floor near the driveshaft. Here is the route of the exhaust. It is an existing tunnel that provided chassis clearance for the factory catalytic converter.
Gary is fabbing up the turbo to floor bracket.
Gary has a small lathe that he uses to build small parts as it is more handy and easier to set up than his bigger lathes.  Here he is machining an aluminum V-band flange.  We are going to be using aluminum for the back half of our exhaust to save weight and one half of the V-band will be stainless and the other half aluminum.  No one makes an aluminum V-band so Gary had to make the aluminum side by hand.


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