Team America World Time Attack – ARK Design’s BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 9



ark design team america bnr32 part 9 emergency hookers

Our buddy Victor who owns Emergency Hookers sent down one of his trucks just in time to pick up the GT-R. We had to send the car to the container loading place because they were going to handle all of the paperwork and wanted to verify everything for customs as we loaded the containers. Give them a call if you blow your shit up in the LA area. Like his slogan says, “you blow it…I'll tow it!”

ark design team america bnr32 part 9 container

Four guys pushing the car to the tow truck. Chris and I were loading up Tyler's Chevy HD2500 with my Snap-On box and a whole bunch of other tools, supplies, aero parts, and a ton of Royal Purple lubricants. The car wasn't quite finished, but we actually got to the loading facility on time.


That last hour was crazy. At some point the night before we already decided that we would be flying to Sydney early to finish the car, but we decided to work through the night anyway. We were in too deep already and stopping the night before would have been lame. Looking back that might not have been the best decision, but oh well; there was still plenty of work to do anyway. The plan was to arrive about two weeks early and to have seven guys on the car full time and we would shake the car down at Eastern Creek on August 8. Of course that never happened due to a pipe hittin' crane operator at the port of Los Angeles, but maybe it was for the best after all. I have a feeling the car will be a whole lot better rolling out of that container in Sydney for WTAC 2013. 

And there you have it right up to the moment the car was rolled into the container. I wish there was somebody in charge of taking pictures or video, but there was not. So I was only able to take pictures when I remembered. Anyhow, lookout for Part 10 after the new year. 

This car is going to be BAD ASS.



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