Technosquare’s Nissan 370Z oil cooler kit solves oil temp issues!


Technosqaure 370z oil cooler kit
Technosquare's oil cooler heat exchanger is right in front directly in the airstream for maximum cooling

Technosquare has developed a solution for the VQ37VHR’s oil temperature issue. The Technosqaure oil cooler kit is an easy bolt on, only a few holes need to be drilled to mount the cooler bracket and for the oil lines to pass through a plastic panel. The cooler features a large 13 row bar and plate racing heat exchanger with an easy mount bracket, and a billet engine adapter that allows use of a stock Nissan oil filter and oil filter positioning.

Technosqaure 370z oil cooler
The Technosquare 370Z oil cooler's heat exchanger is held in place by this simple yet effective aluminum bracket

We prefer bar and plate oil cooler heat exchangers, especially for front mounted coolers, they are more robust and can withstand minor impacts from debris better than cheapo tube and fin coolers. The Technosquare 370Z oil cooler kit comes with ultra high quality Earls AN fittings and genuine Earls Ultralite hose which uses a aramid cover instead of braided stainless steel. The braided aramid is much lighter, stronger and does not abrade everything it touches like stainless braid.  Large diameter -10 hose and fittings are used with a hose routing avoiding tight bends and tight radius fitting that cause oil pressure drop.

370z technosqaure oil cooler
The Technosquare 370Z oil cooler kit uses a large 13 row bar and plate style heat exchanger.  Bar and plate construction is a better cooler for the front of the car because its more sturdy and less likely to get damaged from flying debris

We installed the Tehcnosqaure 370Z cooler kit and noted that our engine temp never exceeded 250 degrees with many dyno pulls and a brisk mountain drive that we previously had to abort due to soaring oil temperatures.

Technosqaure 370z oil cooler hose routing
Technosquare's 370Z oil cooler kit uses a clean hose routing with large -10 diameter hose and as few restriction causing bends and tight radius fittings as possible to reduce pressure drop

For track day and motorsports use Technosquare can spec a larger oil cooler with an optional thermostat for street driving as the large oil cooler will overcool the oil under easy conditions.

Technosquare 370Z oil cooler hose routingTechnosquare 370Z oil cooler hose routing 
More shots showing the hose routing on Technosqaure's 370Z oil cooler kit.  The kit uses Earl's ultralite hose which is just as strong as braided steel but is not abrasive and won't damage surfaces it rubs on
Technosquare 370z oil cooler filter adaptor
Technosquares's billet oil cooler adapter for the 370Z kit  allows the use of stock oil filters, for convenience.  High quality Earl's AN fittings are used throughout the kit.  No fake ebay stuff here

  We highly recommend the Technosquare oil cooler kit for the enthusiast driver.

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