Tequila Patron American Le Mans Series at Long Beach


While both team's had trouble-free stops, the Muscle Milk team discovered that they hadn't filled up their HPD and they would have to pit one more time under yellow to top off the car. As it turned out, it was a blessing in disguise as the extra laps of fuel that Graf would have on board would enable him to make it to the finish without having to conserve fuel. Dyson would have to save fuel to make it to the finish.

It wasn't long after the race went green that Graf was able to slice through the field and quickly reel in Dyson. Exiting turn eleven, Graf pulled alongside Dyson and simply powered away ā€“ fuel or no fuel, the Honda V8 in the Muscle Milk HPD clearly had the legs on the turbocharged Mazda four cylinder in Dyson's Lola. The race was over at that point, with Graf enjoying clear sailing while Dyson slowed dramatically in the final laps to save enough fuel to see the checkered.


Graf celebrates his win at Long Beach, the second in a row for Muscle Milk.



With four cars, the P2 class would see a pair of Level 5 HPD ARX-03a's on pole with the Conquest Endurance Morgan-Nissan of David Heinemeier Hansson starting third. The Black Swan Racing Lola B11/80 didn't make the grid and would start from pit lane. With Tim Pappas at the wheel, that car would make it as far as turn two before he encountered the stationary Lotus Evora GTE of Bill Sweedler, drilling it and damaging the front of the Lola. His race was over.


If not for two pitlane speeding penalties and a late spash of fuel, the Conquest Racing Morgan-Nissan would have scored its first P2 win in its second race.

'DHH' was a revelation, taking his Morgan-Nissan to the front of P2 and running well clear of the two Level 5 HPDs. Scott Tucker, in one of the Level 5 HPDs, was turned around by a PC car, losing quite a bit of time. Building up a lead of nearly 40 seconds over second place, ā€˜DHH' turned the car over to Martin Plowman during the full course caution period near the halfway point. Despite two pit lane speeding penalties for Plowman, he kept his Morgan-Nissan at the lead until he needed a stop for a splash of fuel late in the race ā€“ handing the lead to the no. 055 HPD of Tucker and Christophe Bouchut. Bouchut took the victory with a large lead in hand over Plowman, with Level 5's other car of Scott Tucker (yes, he did drive both cars) and Luis Diaz in third.



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