Tested: Igloo Case for iPhone

igloocase igloo case iPhone 5 MotoIQ review Wes DumalskiTested: Igloo Case for iPhone

By: Wes Dumalski

As much as we like fast cars and sano builds here at MotoIQ we also love tech gadgets! Messing with cameras, microphones, cell phones, instatwittergrambook uploads; all of these things are what we do on a daily basis to bring MotoIQ to the masses. It should go without saying that when new items hit the market that offer us the ability to do those things in a more efficient manner, our pointy nerd ears perk up and our fingers buzz the web in search of said future altering technical goodness. In this case the gadget of mention is the Igloo case for the iPhone. Follow along as we put the case through its paces…


Igloo case

If you haven't seen, heard of, or ever used a GoPro camera I am not sure what I can say that does justice to the magnitude of the rock you have been living under. Maybe Ayers rock comes to mind? Well let's pretend the bottom of that monolith is not your home and that like the rest of the waking world you use a GoPro, rePlay, or some other sort of camera to catch your track footage. If you fit this mold then the Igloo case is for YOU! While all of the above are amazing technical gadgets to capture video they come with a moderate to high cost of entry as well as all of the extras one needs to be able to process the video captured. All of these extras sometimes means that more simple solutions are welcome and that is precisely where the Igloo case fits in. For about $60 this handy polycarbonate case is designed to hold your iPhone 4/5 or touch variant. No, this is not a cell phone case to add to that useless collection, this is a device designed to allow you to protect and seal your phone and incorporate a common 1/4″ 20 thread provision for mounting the assembly. 


Igloo case iPhone 4s 4 5 MotoIQ review

With the case open you can see the foam insert that protects and secures the iPhone. Igloo currently offers foam inserts for both the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. 

The case itself is made from impact resistant polycarbonate and is bottom hinged with a snap lock enclosure on the top. Upon opening the case you will notice the foam insert along with a rubber gasket around the perimeter. The foam insert provides impact protection and vibration damping for your phone while the rubber gasket seals the two case halves together to provide a high degree of water resistance. I would not take this thing swimming, but a solid downpour is not going to phase your phone while sealed in the Igloo case. 


Igloo caseThe front of the case features a screwed on ring that secures the lens cover which allows for easy lens replacement should it become damaged or scratched, a much cheaper alternative to buying an entirely new case. 
Igloo case iPhone 5 4 4s MotoIQOnce your phone is safely nestled in to the Igloo case you can peruse yoru favorite web-sites before you head to the video camera function. You can see just how securely the phone sits within the foam liner. 

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