Tested: Mother’s NuLens Headlight Restoration Kit


Next, we un-velcro'ed the sanding pad and stuck on the Mother's Powerball (TM).  What makes the Powerball so special?  Good question.  In the case of the Vehicross it was certainly helpful getting around the countours of the headlight (which have an odd little bump for the high marker lights in the lens).  The real magic isn't so much in the Powerball itself, but the polishing compound Mother's also gives you.  We used it fairly liberally when it came time to polish.
Normally this is where we would put a picture of someone like Howard Watanabe of Technosquare polishing our headlights with the Mother's kit.  But at MotoIQ we figure you're getting tired of us ugly shmucks on the wrong side of the lens, so instead we'll let you look at Ginger.  And then we'll pretend she's polishing a headlight.  With a drill.  On a Vehicross that looks suspiciously like a Honda Prelude.  And that this has nothing to do with the fact that we never took a picture of us actually polishing.
Where were we?  Polishing!  After we cleaned off the excess polish and wiped the lenses down wih a damp cloth…WOW!  They look brand new!  My jaw actually left a dent in the pavement when I saw the result.
To really appreciate how well the Mother's kit works, we have a before and after.  On the left (passenger side) is a sanded and polished light using the Mothers kit.  On the right is 140,000 miles of neglect.  The camera really doesn't do it justice; in person the results are even clearer.  This kit from Mothers really works!  At $20 it's a steal, especially when you consider we only spent 30 minutes cleaning both lights.
With both lights now done the results are truly staggering.  Even without cleaning the plastic cladding, our Vehicross already looks a dozen times better.  I was hoping for an improvement when I was done, but the Mother's kit blew me away.  Best of all the kit has enough polish for five or six cars so you can clean up your whole fleet.
The Mother's kit has our lights shining bright again.  Our Vehicross is one step closer to returning to its former glory.  The list of things to do is long, but the Mother's NuLens kit made cleaning up the headlights quick, easy, and cheap.  Now onto that faded body cladding…

The Mother's NuLens kit really did the job.  Is this the only product on the market that will actually polish your headlights back to like-new condition?  No, but when the next time you're browsing the car care shelf of your local auto parts store, you can trust that the Mother's NuLens headlight restoration kit will be worth your money.

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