Tested Toyo RA1 E30 M3
The RA1 is still a hotlapping favorite due to its long wear, forgiving nature, and ultimate grip.


The best part of our time with our RA1s was the fact that they lasted so damned long. Indeed, our tires still have plenty of life left in them, despite being flogged in race conditions for 2 full weekends, and hot-lapped for another full weekend. During those weekends, we experienced handling problems that forced us to drive them beyond their limit in a vain attempt to keep up, braking issues that resulted in our brakes going from no grab to full lockup with nothing in between, excessive wheelspin from our G20's turbocharged powerband, and less than optimal heat-cycle strategy. Lap for lap, dollar for dollar, we don't think the RA1 can be matched by any of its competition. 


Toyo RA1 MPTCC G20 Racecar Wear
Toyo RA1 MPTCC G20 Racecar Wear
Despite repeated attempts to kill them, our RA1s kept coming back for more.  In fact, we've just arrived at the fastest part of the tread.  A little more negative camber would help us wear them more evenly, as well as turn faster laps.


The RA1, despite all these years that have passed since their introduction, are still one of the best overall tires we've ever had the joy to experience in anger. Whether you're an advanced hot lapper looking for a real track tire, or a competitive wheel to wheel racer, the RA1 is a tire that will likely be right at home under your car.


Toyo RA1 sidewall detail




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