Tested! Weego’s Lunch Box Automotive Power Source


The MotoIQ Megashop always has its share of cars with dead batteries. Our DC2 Integra project was dead because Vince left the key in it. We can report that the Weego 22 started it right up with ease.

What is really cool about the system is that it is very intuitive. A jump start module plugs into the battery unit with sequential LED lights that guide you through the process of jump starting. The jump-starting module also protects itself and you from reverse polarity, short-circuiting and current over boosting the jump battery making the system very safe even for the mechanically inept.

There is also an optional adapter so you can run a laptop computer and other accessories from the power pack as well. Just in case you need more power for your jump battery or need more back up standby power, Weego makes systems all the way up to a 66 unit that can start huge diesel engines!

So, if you need an emergency light and power source that can also jump start your car safely in a compact package, the Weego 22 might be just the thing to tuck away in your car for a rainy day.




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