The 2011 Reading Pennsylvania Pagoda Hill Climb


1968 McKee MK81973 Ford Torino
Got downforce?  This is a 1968 McKee MK8, a Formula 5000 based race car with a 305 cubic inch fuel injected engine making 460 horsepower.  This 1973 Ford Torino seemed to have both engine and control issues.  It finished with a time of 112.408 in the Historic 2 class.

All cars must meet the safety requirements for their class, which includes at least a roll bar (a main hoop behind the driver supplemented by two braces), a helmet (no Snell M- motorcycle- helmets allowed for hill climb events), and passing a driver’s physical.  Some classes such as Specials, Super Production, GT1, all Formula and Sports Racer classes, open GT and open Production vehicles require a roll cage though there are few exceptions for cars running in Vintage or Historic classes.  Drivers need five, six, or seven point restraint harnesses.

Drivers must hold a current SCCA membership, have a valid state-issued driver’s license, and present their TT license or novice permit at the event.  Without an SCCA membership, 18 years old is the minimum age for a weekend novice license to be issued at an event but 16 and 17 year olds can obtain a license through the national office with a waiver signed.  


Pagoda Hill Climb course

The Pennsylvania Hill climb Association (PHA) was founded in 1959 with the idea of standardizing the rules of the regional hill climbs.  PHA currently runs five different sites around the region, with two hill climb events at the same scenic route: Pagoda and Duryea hill climbs.  The Pagoda course is just 1.3 miles- a shortened version of the Duryea course, ending at turn 9 of the 2.3 mile, 13 turn Duryea course.  Both courses include the infamous “Oh-Shit” turn 6.  For various reasons, I always seem to miss attending the Pagoda Hill Climb but not this year.

More pics from this year’s event:

Pagoda hill climbPagoda Hill climb
Pagoda hill climbPagoda hill climb
Pagoda hill climbPagoda hill climb


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