The Best Page in the Universe

I’m back from the land of plenty finally (1.32 billion population) and suffering from severe jet lag. It is now 4:26am and it is my third day of not being able to sleep normally. It sucks ass to be a living zombie. The day after I wrote my previous post I suffered from a severe case of the runs. I guess my stomach wasn’t so strong after all. We went to a pharmacy and the guy behind the counter said in Chinese, “You need this. It’s a mixture of western medicine and Chinese herbs.” I took 3 tablets and it immediately put a cork in my ass. I guess a country with sanitation issues should have the best medicine for the runs…

Earlier this morning, my buddy Phi-Masta of JDM sent me a link to this guys blog: The Best Page in the Universe. Maddox is the author and the site is hella funny to read. He’s kind of like Damessenjah from the Datruth, but he writes about mainstream subjects. Phi likened it to my writing style, but if I wrote like Maddox about the tuning scene, I would get shot with all the sensitive bitches on the forums. As much as I speak my mind, I’m sure I already have haters out there. That’s ok, screw them (or you if you’re a hater). I don’t even think I’m a shit talker. I just write about how things are in reality. Some dumb asses don’t like reality though. They want to live in their “mail in your ECU and we’ll flash it for a $49 perfect tune” world. BTW, a future post is coming on this bullshit with the help of Rich at Livid Macing. Anyhow, The Best Page in the Universe is definitely worth checking out.

I like this one: Fashion Tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll definitely agree about “This makes you look pregnant.” I hate it when chicks wear that style of shirt/blouse or whatever a female top is called…

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