The Car Lovers Guide to Japan! Part One, Eating and Getting Around Inexpensively

So we decided to take a last-minute trip to Tokyo to get a snapshot of the Japanese car world and to get a quick look at Tokyo all crammed into a week’s timeframe.  If you are not used to international travel or are intimidated by a totally strange place or want to get an insider’s view of some of Japan’s hottest tuners, I can wholeheartedly recommend going on the Tokyo Auto Salon Tour arranged by DSport Magazine every year.  This is my 3rd trip with Dsport and I have always had an excellent time with them.  The DSport Staff works very hard to make sure that everyone has a trip with minimal stress and you can get to see the most stuff with the least amount of time.  Our trip started at LAX where we boarded a trip for a 14-hour flight to Tokyo.

I brought my Daughter Christa along as she had never been to Japan before.

Communication is important and one of the cheap ways to communicate in Japan is to rent a wifi hotspot at the airport.  You can get one for 10-$15 a day at one of the kiosks around the airport terminal.  This works well no matter what kind of phone you have or who your provider is.


  1. Japan is easily in the top 3 best places to travel, even after going twice I would go again in a heartbeat. It’s beautiful everywhere from the ski slopes of Hokkaido to the pop up street food shops of Fukuoka.

    Not eating food while walking is good advice, I had a nice old lady stop and thank me for sitting down to eat. We did drink beer in our water bottles the whole time though, it was summer and we were hiking to mountain shrines, 10/10 would do it again.

    The food is amazing, even hole in the wall places are incredibly clean, trying yakitori, ramen, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba is easily the second best thing to do after visiting the landmarks.

    I’ve been looking at importing a turbo 4wd Kei car since the first time I saw one Covered in snow in Niseko.×576.jpg

  2. “be aware of not holding up others or getting in the way like walking two or three abreast slowly taking up several lanes. I wish Americans were like this!”
    Can’t agree more! it’s beyond belief how Americans are so not aware of their surroundings and have no shame of hindering others

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