The Continual Beginner


The Nameless Performance/Kartboy/Racecomp Engineering/MFactory 2013 BRZ that we built and campaigned at the 2014 Solo Nationals. Working closely with fellow competitors Bart Hockerman and Bill Cook, we eventually found a great STX setup for the vehicle.

First up, free up the cash. Sell the rally car. Sell the 24' covered-trailer. Sell the truck. Sell my autocross-prepped Subaru WRX STI. Put resources into a new 2013 BRZ and learn to drive a RWD, low-power, low grip line in the cheaper sport to compete in – Autocross. I'm back to being a beginner again after 3 years of rally, and while my times are down from what they were at the height of my dedicated autocross before, I'm learning car control on an entirely different level. I can feel the car come out, I feel the lift-off oversteer even on a low-powered BRZ. I understand the mechanics and the modifications necessary to eke out the most from it. I work my way back to a 2015 WRX in autocross and take the lessons learned from the BRZ and apply it to AWD again in autocross, staying on tarmac and not messing with dirt for a while, due to cost and, well, availability of sites nearby.


Continuing on to the new WRX platform. The 2015 WRX running in D-street class (relatively unmodified) with a Nameless cat-back on Bridgestone RE-71’s at the 2016 Solo Nationals.

Health issues continue to plague me, but I look for motorsports opportunities that allow me to compete without significant risk. After 3 years and some car sales, we finally saved enough to start building our ideal fleet. We bought a reliable diesel truck that gets great fuel economy. We purchased a light aluminum open-car trailer to cut down on travel expenses and have a minimal storage foot-print. We sold off my '15 WRX following the 2016 SCCA Solo Nationals and used the proceeds to finally build a small building that works as 1 car shop + storage. We found and purchased the ideal track-training vehicle as we are ready to move into speed again, doing time-trials and eventually hillclimbs again, a '99 Miata with low-miles.


The answer is always Miata. Working on the rollbar fitment in the new shop.

So here we are, beginners again. Doing HPDE and soon Time Trials, and without any shame in it at all. I don't feel bad having track instructors sitting with me, giving me several race lines, helping me find proper hand technique, threshold braking, etc. I'll be adding power as I become more comfortable, working my way back to events like Pikes Peak. I've learned I have nothing but time, and I'll take a few steps back to do it right. I may be a beginner to the track now, but I'm no longer an amateur. My health and family come first, which allows me to push myself farther than I could before. Never be afraid to ask for help, to slow down to go fast. We are all continual beginners, it just takes time to realize it.


I’ll be at a track near you. — NOLA Motorsports Park Feb 2017

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