The Eliminator: Brian Fitzpatrick’s Lucas Oil Competition Eliminator Rail


Lucas Oil Rail
Brian Fitzpatrick
The only brakes to speak of on this rail are the Strange 4-Piston calipers and slotted rotors. Even at over 200 MPH, the rear brakes are nearly all that is needed to stop the rail. Those studs are a massive 5/8 inch diameter, by the way.
Lucas Oil Comp Eliminator Rail
Of course if he didn't have chutes, he would need more than just the rear brakes. Most of Brian's stopping power will come from the parachutes, which is why the rear brakes are very simple. This CNF Chassis dragster was once an Alcohol Dragster and many of the same parts and technology come from its former days.
Brian Fitzpatrick
Just like the brake system, the steering system is very simple and, again, there is no suspension. No springs, no dampers, not even a torsion bar!
Brian Fitzpatrick Lucas Oil Rail
The front wheels have Hoosier front slicks with American Racing spindle mount wheels.
Fitzpatrick Racing Lucas Oil Comp Eliminator Rail
It wouldn't be a drag car without massive slicks. These Goodyear Eagle Drag Slicks measure 33.5″ tall, 17″ wide, and are held on by a bead-lock 16″ Weld Racing wheel.

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