The Heart of a Record Breaker II: The Doctor is in


Not wanting to take any chances, a new OEM timing chain and guides were ordered and installed. Any small issue can easily result in a useless heap of aluminum mildly resembling that of an engine.

Another necessity to complete the SR20VE VVL head swap is a FWD oil pump housing.  The reason for this is the two bolts holes on top of the oil pump housing which the FWD SR20VE VVL head bolts to.  On a RWD SR20DET, these two bolts are inside of the timing chain galley, whereas on a FWD head they can be accessed from outside the engine.

Our friend from Japan, Big Tom, was kind enough to send us a new SR16VE N1 oil pump for our SR15VET.  We chose the SR16VE N1 oil pump because of its flow and pressure characteristics.  In terms of performance, it's apparently only trumped by the SR20VET oil pump.

The crank pulley is another one of the modifications that needed to be made to make a FWD oil pump work on a RWD block.  This billet aluminum pulley kit from G Spec Performance is one of the few off the shelf options on the market.

One of the other parts that is required to allow the N1 oil pump to work on the RWD block is an oil pump drive collar from a front wheel drive SR20.  The RWD version differs in length from the FWD unit.  Used in tandem with the billet spacer that comes with the G-Spec Performance kit, the new crank pulley will clear the FWD oil pump housing.

Again, no chances taken here.  At 5523 Motorsports, Nick Hunter uses OEM Nissan parts like this water pump whenever possible.  Even the damn RTV he is using is what you'd find at any Nissan dealership.

Supposedly there are a few different solutions in terms of oil pump pickups that'll work when using the N1 oil pump on a RWD block, but we really didn't want to take any chances.  A factory oil pump pick up modified by Mazworx ensured that the pickup was located at the right depth and on center with the opening in the oil pan's baffle plate.

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